The Benefits of Commercial Graffiti Removal Newcastle

Graffiti is a real eyesore and a headache to remove. Especially for businesses, where graffiti can also affect their brand image and reputation. Fortunately, commercial graffiti removal services are there to help keep your property looking pristine. This specialised cleaning service removes unwanted tagging and restores defaced walls and surfaces.

Matthews Cleaning Co offers commercial graffiti removal services in Newcastle that can help restore the beauty of any business. Our team utilises advanced techniques for removing unwanted graffiti from all surfaces, including bricks, glass, concrete, and more. All without causing damage to the underlying material. With our professional services, you can be sure your property will look as good as new!

What is Commercial Power Scrubbing?

A major benefit associated with commercial graffiti removal services is the ability to help preserve the aesthetics of your property. Graffiti on a public building or business is often seen as unprofessional and can reflect poorly on any company’s image. It can turn away potential customers and negatively impact employee morale. Removing graffiti as soon as possible ensures your business looks pristine inside and out!

Protect Your Property From Damage

Apart from its visual impact, certain types of paints used for graffiti can actually cause damage to surfaces over time if left untreated. Acrylic paints, especially when applied by spray cans using high-pressure systems, can easily penetrate surfaces such as brickwork or stonework, causing permanent discolouration or scarring. Professional cleaning services have the expertise and knowledge necessary to treat these areas thoroughly without any long-term damage being caused.

Reduced Risk Of Fines & Prosecution

Occasionally, inappropriate artworks or logos painted onto property could be deemed illegal by local authorities or governing bodies. Depending on local laws, they may impose fines or cleaning bills – something no business owner wants! Professional graffiti removal services ensure graffiti from your property is removed quickly and legally, reducing the risk of fines or prosecution.

DIY vs Professional Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal can be demanding, requiring specialised professional equipment to ensure it’s done properly. Opting for an experienced commercial cleaner is the obvious choice when compared to attempting it yourself.

Professional cleaners are trained to use the right tools and techniques that guarantee the most effective results in removing graffiti. Additionally, at Matthews Cleaning Co, we have access to concentrated cleaning solutions that are not available to the public, making sure that no trace of graffiti remains.

Furthermore, we can offer advice on preventing future graffiti, like installing security cameras or anti-graffiti coatings.

Overall, Matthews Cleaning Co can effectively remove graffiti from any surface with minimal damage and disruption to your property.

Commercial Graffiti Removal

At Matthews Cleaning Co., we understand that graffiti can have a huge negative effect on businesses. Not only does it diminish the aesthetic appeal of your property, but it can also damage your business’s reputation and deter customers from visiting.

If you’re interested in graffiti removal for your business, Matthews Cleaning Co offers a tailored service specifically designed to suit the needs of any commercial property. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who can remove graffiti quickly. Contact us today!



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