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Unleashing Potential, Recognizing Achievements

Our Values

Committed to transparency, integrity, respect, and collaboration, we foster an environment where feedback is celebrated. Our quality control portal invites input from both our esteemed clients and dedicated staff. In addition, our Employee Success Program, featuring regular monthly check-ins, empowers our team to contribute their valuable insights and share their successes. We believe in the power of collaborative growth and the impact of recognizing achievements.

With our business expanding at a rapid pace, there are more frequent opportunities for advancement within our ranks. Our forward-looking mission is to sustain this growth, creating ever-expanding opportunities for our team. We believe in nurturing our people as we evolve our business – when we grow, you grow too.

Our dedicated support line operates 24/7, ensuring that assistance is just a phone call away whenever you need it. With us, you’re never alone when facing an issue. We’re here for you, anytime.

Our team members receive fair remuneration, reflecting our commitment to their hard work and dedication. We uphold our values by avoiding all subcontracting arrangements, ensuring a just and equitable workplace for all.

Our on-site team members take pride in their work, providing photographic evidence after every cleaning assignment. This not only showcases their diligent efforts but also confirms task completion for our management team. Trust in our commitment to transparency and thoroughness.

Leveraging a GPS-based clock-in system, we track and verify all submissions through our portal based on their timestamps. With us, rest assured that accuracy and integrity are woven into the fabric of our operations.

At the forefront of our operations lies cutting-edge technology and a dedication to ongoing enhancement. We leverage advanced software across all facets of our business, allowing us to adapt and grow with the dynamic needs of our rapidly expanding company. From routine updates to refining our proprietary software, we at Matthews Cleaning Company remain committed to delivering top-tier services through technological innovation.

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What's it like to work at Matthews?

Matthews Cleaning Company isn’t just a great company but a family. They have built an amazing business with flexible hours and shifts for their employees, I would highly recommended working for them. As an company we take our cleaning above and beyond to please our clients.

Kim Tait

Commercial Cleaner - Taree

Working for Matthews cleaning Co. I have developed an abundance of amazing skills, worked along side fantastic team members and have experienced a huge amount of personal growth in a short amount of time.

Jessica Wickens

Employee Success Program - Newcastle

The team at Matthews cleaning Co. Are hands down the best people I have worked for. They are truely the most amazing people and always there when you need help. Thank you Jordan and the rest of the team for having me.

Charlotte Miller

Commercial Cleaner - Newcastle

Working at Matthews Cleaning Co. for over a year, I am constantly impressed by the professionalism and care provided by Jordan Matthews and his management team. They prioritise employee well-being and satisfaction, offering support, communication, training, and growth opportunities. The attention to detail in cleaning assignments is superb, thanks to the well-trained team and top-of-the-line tools and equipment. The company’s exceptional growth reflects their commitment to continuous improvement and providing high-quality service. I highly recommend Matthews Cleaning Co. for any business seeking reliable and professional commercial cleaning. Thank you, Jordan and the management team, for creating a fantastic work environment and delivering exceptional results consistently.

Michael Plush

Commercial Cleaner - Newcastle

I’ve been working with Matthews Cleaning Company since mid-April this year. I have never been treated like this by any other company. They are the best company I have worked for in my 50-year working career. I am giving their phone number to many ex-cleaners who have worked with me over the years and left their last job due to being mistreated. Matthews Cleaning Company looks after all their workers. I have nothing but praise for Jordan, Debbie, and Jess.

Allan Tindall

Commercial Cleaner - Newcastle

Unleashing Potential, Recognizing Achievements

Employee Success Program

Are you seeking an environment where your voice is heard, your potential is recognised, and your achievements are celebrated? Welcome to Matthews Cleaning Company, where we believe that our strength lies in our amazing team. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our novel “Employee Success Program” – a landmark initiative designed to elevate your career journey with us.

This unique program is orchestrated by our dedicated Employee Success Manager, who directly engages with our team members to facilitate a conducive and fruitful working environment.

Our innovative program redefines the traditional employee-employer relationship, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness, and growth. It’s not just about performing your role; it’s about engaging in an exciting, rewarding experience where your opinions matter and your contributions make a real difference.

 We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere. That’s why we’re inviting you to provide feedback on your role and experience with us. Got a fantastic idea? Have suggestions for improvement? We’re all ears! Let’s construct a collaborative, enriching work environment together.

Wondering what’s next in your career at Matthews Cleaning Company? Our Employee Success Manager is eager to discuss your potential pathways and updates. We’re here to support your professional growth and ensure you’re moving forward.

You work hard, and we see it. Every step you take towards success deserves applause. Through our program, we will celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small, because every effort counts.

We don’t just recognize your achievements; we genuinely appreciate the work you do. Every day, your efforts help us grow, and it’s time we acknowledged that.
Experience the Matthews Cleaning Company difference through our Employee Success Program. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about cultivating a culture of respect, recognition, and growth. Come, let’s shape the future of our company together! Join us today, because your success is our success.