How to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

Do you know how to choose the best commercial cleaning company

Since the pandemic, 94% of businesses now complete regular disinfection when cleaning. Whatever business you run, it is more important than ever to keep to a detailed cleaning schedule.

But hiring a commercial cleaning company might seem complicated. You may not know what things to look for in reliable business cleaners.

Luckily this article is here to explain how to hire cleaners for your business. We cover the different aspects of the hiring process and what to look out for. We also talk about our own services at Matthews Cleaning Co., as we offer many cleaning options.

How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many different aspects to consider when looking for a cleaning company. Here are a few of them in more detail.

Read Reviews

The easiest way to choose a company is to read reviews and get recommendations. People will leave honest reviews online about their experiences with different cleaning companies.

Look for comments about the company’s organisation, customer service and quality of cleaning. Also, look out for any reviews talking about security, insurance and reliability.

Specific Types of Cleaning Cleaning Companies

You may own a business that requires a specialist type of cleaning. This could be a salon, healthcare service, animal care or commercial kitchen. Make sure that whichever business you hire has the right expertise and equipment to do a good job.

High-Quality Staff

Check the credentials of the staff when you hire a new company. Make sure the cleaning company trains their staff well by improving their skills. They should provide a comprehensive cleaning schedule for their staff to do the job well.

You need to make sure that you trust the people you are working with. You are trusting them with your business, so it isn’t worth taking a risk if you aren’t sure.


When hiring a cleaning company, try and gather a few different quotes for pricing. This way, you can weigh up the pros and cons of what each company is offering.

Remember that just because a company is offering services at a cheaper rate doesn’t mean that it will do a good job. Do not sacrifice quality for the price!

Why Choose Matthews Cleaning Co?

Matthews Cleaning Co. offers a huge array of cleaning services. We use the latest technology and products to achieve the best results. We strive to be as friendly to the environment as possible and tailor our services to your needs.

We pride ourselves on transparent and genuine communication. We focus on building excellent long-term relationships with our clients.

We offer specialist cleaning such as:

We can also provide emergency help for unexpected situations. You can access this through our 24/7 support line, which we have for our clients! We also provide live updates throughout the process, in case there are any changes to what is needed.

Best Professional Cleaning Company

When choosing a commercial cleaning company, make sure you do plenty of research before hiring. Read reviews, check on their staff and cleaning procedures and get a few different quotes. This way, you will find the best cleaning company for your needs.

Here at Matthews Cleaning Co., we would love to hear from you about your cleaning needs. Get in touch with us today for more information about our professional services.

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From entrance foyers to car parks, we understand that a clean premises is not only essential for making a good impression on customers, but also important for their health, safety, and wellbeing. With hygiene becoming increasingly important, Matthews Cleaning Co.’s meticulous methods and high-quality equipment ensure a thorough clean, and spotless finish.