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The 4 Dirtiest Places in the Office

Office workers know that a dirty office can be hard to work in. In fact, there are several places in the office that tend to get particularly nasty. If you’re not careful, you can easily pick up a cold or the flu from working in an unclean environment. At Matthews Cleaning Company, we want to help you stay healthy and productive all year long. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the four dirtiest places in the office. Keep reading to learn more!

Commercial cleaning is an important part of office life. It’s necessary to keep the office clean and tidy so that employees can work in a healthy environment. However, many people don’t realize that certain places in the office tend to get dirtier than others. The team at Matthews Cleaning Company can assist you with our regular cleaning services, but we also wanted to provide you with a list of the four dirtiest places in the office.

Top Four Dirty Office Spots

The Kitchen: It’s no surprise that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in the office. This is where employees prepare food and drinks, so it’s constantly exposed to bacteria and dirt.
If you manage an office, you know that the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the whole building. It is where your employees take their breaks and relax, and it’s also where they prepare their meals. That’s why it’s so important to keep the kitchen clean and tidy at all times.

There are countless nooks and crannies to clean, and there is always the risk of cross-contamination between surfaces. That’s why it’s best to leave commercial cleaning to the professionals. Matthews Cleaning Company has the experience and expertise to clean your kitchen quickly and efficiently, ensuring that it meets all health and safety standards. We use specialised equipment and high-quality products to clean commercial kitchens.

The Bathroom: The bathroom is another place that tends to get dirty quickly. It’s a room where people often go, so it’s full of germs.
Our team of commercial cleaners use disinfectants and other cleaning products to get rid of bacteria and dirt in bathrooms. Commercial cleaning is essential in bathrooms to maintain hygiene standards and prevent the spread of germs. We use products that are safe for both users and the environment. Our chemical cleaners are biodegradable and free of harmful chemicals. This will help protect employees from harmful chemicals and reduce the impact on the environment.

Door Handles: Door handles are one of the most commonly touched surfaces in any office, which means they can also be a major source of germs.
In fact, a recent study found that door handles in office buildings are covered in thousands of different types of bacteria. While some of these bacteria are harmless, others can cause illness. Matthews Cleaning company specialises in providing this essential service. We use high-quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure that your door handles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

The Desk: Even if you try to keep your desk clean, it’s still full of nooks and crannies where dust can accumulate. Regularly touching these surfaces also puts you at risk of coming into contact with bacteria and other contaminants.
At Matthews Cleaning Company, we understand that a clean desk is a productive desk. That’s why we offer a reliable and affordable desk cleaning service for businesses of all sizes. We’ll work around your schedule to make sure your desks are cleaned at a convenient time for you. Our experienced and professional staff will take care of everything, from dusting to polishing.

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Tired of coming into a messy office every day? Matthews Cleaning Company can help! We provide professional office cleaning services that will leave your workplace spick and span. We understand the importance of a clean and organised work environment, so you can focus on your job without worrying about the state of your office.

Let us take care of all your office cleaning needs – from daily sweeping and mopping to deep-cleaning carpets and furniture. We’ll make sure your office is always looking its best.

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